Book Review: Caro’s Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker, Author: Mike Caro


Most of the poker books I read treat the subject in a compartmentalized fashion. There is good reason for this. Poker is such a multifaceted game, that each area justifies separate consideration. For those who are methodical and organized thinkers, this book might make you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. This book is like having an enjoyable and lively conversation with Mike Caro. It is also very much a motivational book and easy to read and understand. “Peter Pan” type infomercial not motivational in the way of so many, but rather very good advice sprinkled with persuasive upbeat comments. To read this book is to feel like Mike Caro is mentoring you. In fact, this book is the same material he gives in his live seminars.

There are very good information about small spectrum of areas covering information. For example, he said, “Situation advising against bluffing,” but it was also a train of thought that touched on other things as well. So, if you (possibly being methodical and organized) are looking for all the guidance on bluffing in one concise area, well, that’s not how this book works. But it does work. Whether you think of it as a train of thought or a rabbit trail, you would do well to give it a try 카지노사이트.

He starts off with what I think is the game of poker and builds on deciding when to play straightforward and to try deception. He discusses self-control and discipline. He describes how some hands are played against many opponents. He recommends how to play against tight or loose opponents and whether they are aggressive or timid.

There are also strategic sections on Money Management, Seven Card Studs, Seven Card Stud High Low, Holdem, Draw Poker and other forms of poker, plus a section on Tells and Psychology. The section on Tournament Advice is also very useful, particularly for the wilder lower limit games. One of his chapters is called: Best Countdown Tip, (and I agree) but it is not a complete summary of all the tips he offers in the book. You will have to read the whole book for that. I especially appreciate his last chapter: Final Winning Affirmation. It is a reminder that cards will run well, always to play your best game. He even recommends a small type of mantra statement to say to yourself in those moments that you might benefit from positive affirmation.

I do recommend this book, but you should be prepared as it is different from the most all the other poker books on the market. I think that Mr. Caro is also different than most of the poker moves out there too. Beginners through advance players would both benefit from it, but I wonder if beginners would appreciate the information as much. The best way I can think of illustrating the level of this book works when you play poker, and just before you make a decision, you might hear that “inner voice” is that you “don’t to do it”, or “yes, do it”; but you ignore it and then kick yourself for not listening. You learn, “the inner voice” or conscience and listen to it.

Depending on how steep your learning curve is, sooner or later you will need to develop awareness and discipline into your game. This “voice of reason” is where Mike Caro is coming from. You will probably only appreciate his advice only as well as “voice of reason”. Putting it another way, you have to think out what you are doing. If you are hoping for a magic formula of blow plays found in Blackjack books, that tells you how to play poker, this book is not for you, which is a shame. If there is an ethereal component of poker that would be like trying to gelatin to a wall … I bet Mike Caro could do it.

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